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Lieferant von Dimersäure zur Herstellung von Polyamidharz


Modell:  HY-003


Modell Nr .: HY-003 Farbe: Hellgelb Ursprung: Anqing, Anhui, China Aussehen: Liquid Warenzeichen: HongTai Produktbeschreibung DIMER ACID HY-003
Acid value(mgKOH/g) 190-200
Saponification value(mgKOH/g ) 190-200
Viscosity (mPa·s/25ºC) 5500-7500
Flash point (ºC) >260
Color (Fe-co) ≤8
Composition (%) monomer ≤6
dimer 75-85
trimer 8-17

Dimer Acid (Hy-003)

Dimer Acid (Hy-003)
There is no black stains appeared during the test. We adopt the unique production process  to control non impurities, and even under very high temperature, our dimer acid still maintain the excellent stability.
If there are impurities in dimer, the down-stream products such as polyamide resin may appear black stains.
This test is mainly to check the transparency of dimer acid in the low temperature. Thanks to NON phosphate ion and low percentage of monomer, it is easy to find out that the transparency of our dimer acid is very good under low temperature.
If there are phosphate ion and high percentage of monomer, the down-stream products such as polyamide resin may become sticky and harden, and the viscosity may be very low.


Dimer Acid (Hy-003)
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Q: What is your test instrument for viscosity? 
A: NDJ-79 made in China. The viscosity tested by NDJ-79 is smaller than tested by 
BROOKFIELD made in America under the same conditions.
Q: How long does the polyamide resins totally dissolve in the solvent?
A: Usually, it takes about 30 mins in 50% polyamide resin and 50% anhydrous alcohol solvent under magnetic 
stirring at 40ºC. It depends on the temperature and percentage of polyamide resin.
Q: Which one dried more quickly among co-solvent and alcohol-soluble polyamide resin? 
A: Co-solvent polyamide resin.
Q: What is the formula weight? 
A: About 10,000.
Q: Can you produce according to Air or Sunmide standard? 
A: Yes. 

Produktgruppe : Carbonsäure und Derivat

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